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Mr & Mrs Sparks and the Emperor's Panda

If you haven't made it to the Theatre tab yet, you probably won't know about Mr & Mrs Sparks and the Emperor's Panda, which I co-wrote with my friend Guy Clark, a fellow actor & student at Cambridge. I think Panda was my proudest stage achievement in all my time there: it was only a 3-man cast and though in a studio space, had high production values including video projection and a jazz band.

You can watch a video about how it all came about below, or take a look at the reviews over in the Theatre section. In the meantime, here's a pretty poster.


Future Projects

BUSH - I'm waiting for the right moment to work on a play I've had in my mind since my gap year; it's all set at Bush Theatre in West London and it's going to be pretty special. Watch this space!