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The 80s Show Press Roundup

***** - Pecs demonstrate cabaret and drag at its best. It’s sensual and political, deconstructing all the rules around gender and attraction with a quick wit and a top soundtrack

**** - Pecs arrive with a bang at Soho Theatre

"The kings’ combination of attitude, exceptional comedic timing and rip roaring queer anthems proved to be irresistible... a sensational night"

***** - A fantastic show, brilliantly performed and if you don’t walk back out into Soho with a smile on your face, a song on your lips and some quite intense thoughts in your mind, I will be really surprised.

***** - Pecs manages to bring something new and different ... both forces its audience to confront the issues that we hide from and empowers us all to put up a fight and make a change.

Isabel Adomakoh Young