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Pecs Drag Kings

Pecs is a collective of female and non-binary performers who love nothing more than to put on handsome drag shows for the queer and curious. 

We’re a group of artists united by a firm belief in the gender binary. 

Just kidding! Fuck that shit and the patriarchy too. We actually believe that gender is performative, that there is no sword mightier than the satirical pen and that dressing up is fun. So we make binary-bending burlesque and perform our vaudevillian variety shows in drag.

We do this because we're feminists. But we also do this because we look pretty darn sexy as men, and we really like queer womxn.

We aim to tease, to please and to bring you to your knees.

We are Pecs. 

You're welcome.

Nominated for the Offies 2018 - TBC Award, for theatre that defies traditional categories

Nominated for the Offies 2018 - TBC Award, for theatre that defies traditional categories

The company was formed in August 2013, at a rowdy party in Clapham, via multiple gin-and-tonics, lots of shouting about gender, and a serious amount of serious dancing. 

Since then, we’ve been charming our way through London’s cabaret scene, leaving a trail of delicious cologne in our wake. We’ve performed to consistently sold out audiences at a range of (dis-)reputable venues including Tate Britain, Southbank Centre, The Yard Theatre and Camden People’s Theatre, as well as Pride Festivals across the UK, and independent arts festivals. 

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Our feature-length shows - including 'SEX SEX MEN MEN’, 'Cafe des Hommes' and 'The 80s Show' - explore the performativity of gender. We unleash our inner masculinity, undermine the patriarchy and push the boundaries between cabaret and theatre through our particular brand of searing satire and down right silliness. 
We believe that the best political commentary is hysterically funny, and that drag can be both a serious form of protest and the greatest form of entertainment.

Read an interview with me about drag here.

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SEX SEX MEN MEN was developed at The Yard, where it sold out an extended run in 2019


The 80s Show sold out a run at The Glory in Dalston in March 2017 and transferred to the Soho Theatre, where it sold out again.

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