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My writing in the media



Work experience on the Marie Claire UK Features desk led to an ongoing relationship - including the invitation to blog for their #BreakFree campaign, below. They also covered my activism with 5050 Parliament for International Women's Day.

Aged 14-16 I had a column in the Guardian kids' section 'Comic', before it got axed in the recession. The column was called 'Mouse Nous', and each fortnight I recommended a few websites for kids that were interesting or informative or fun. One time I was on a school trip and I suddenly realised I was about to miss my deadline: I had to skip the workshop and use the hotel's computer to whip one up, luckily just in time. None of my work is preserved except in print cuttings, but here's the remains of Comic online anyway.

Student Journalism

I was the Varsity Comment Editor Lent 2014, a frequent sub-editor, and consistently wrote features, comment and reviews for print and online while I was at Cambridge.

At TCS, my roles included Chief Subeditor and Deputy News Editor. I was invited to run for Director, and was voted onto the Board for 2013-14

The Stepford Student was set up by some friends of mine as a new platform for liberal discussion. The title is a reclaiming of a hateful article by Brendan O'Neill in the Spectator which claimed of feminist activists 'their student brains have been replaced by brains bereft of critical faculties and programmed to conform'. The SS's editor Tim Squirrell was one of O'Neill's main targets. It was a short-lived but worthwhile venture!


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Ladybeard magazine is a feminist publication which takes the form and format of a glossy magazine, but revolutionises the content.

I was a Commissioning Editor of Ladybeard magazine for 2 years. The Body Issue came out in 2013, and since then the Sex and Mind issues have taken the print magazine scene by storm. In 2016 Ladybeard won Best Use of Illustration at the Stack awards and was commended for Magazine of the Year, Launch of the Year and Subscriber's Choice!
"We want to read articles that explore each facet of a complex social body, and look at pictures that capture each of its peculiarities. We want to flick through a publication that examines both the exceptional and the mundane, that sees the remarkable in the banal.

We want to cover our walls with words and images that disrupt, scramble and blend these and all comfortable distinctions; that gives that something extra to ordinary; that replaces the ubiquitous glossy veneer of a capital-driven market with thoughtful, thought-provoking material.

In a mainstream media world it is difficult to find a voice, and to hold this voice, unwavering. Ladybeard collates otherwise marginalised voices, acting as a compendium of hitherto untold stories. We want all races, all sexualities, all genders to be heard. And we want to play with these, rather than dictate its terms.

Hence the name Ladybeard.

We smell good. Thumb us, feel us, tear us, and hopefully enjoy us."


Why We're watching: Ladybeard [The Guardian]