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I'm on the team behind the 5050 Parliament campaign, currently at 52k signatures, and spoke for 50:50 on the 2017 Women's March London, to the 80,000 strong crowd in Trafalgar Square.

Our vision is a gender representative parliament where men & women legislate the laws of our land, together, in roughly equal numbers. Of the 650 seats in the House of Commons men hold 459 (71%) and women only 191 (29%). There have only ever been 450 women MPs, and precisely no openly non-binary or trans MPs.

I've also been a campaigner on issues including race, domestic violence, detention, electoral reform, the climate, Trump & austerity. I believe you have to make your voice heard, stand up & be counted.

Read about Yarl's Wood Detention Centre here.

To find out about future appearances and campaigns, see my Events page.