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Effigies of Wickedness Slaying at The Gate

directed by Ellen McDougall

directed by Ellen McDougall

Effigies’ is a vivid, funny, occasionally sad, often brilliant endeavour - TimeOut

Funny and hard-hitting [...] These songs may be old, but they are in no way out of date. - The Guardian

★★★★ - The Times

Without queer visions and the buds that grow a little different, we might never be able to imagine anything else. - Exeunt

Why punch Nazis when you can stick it to them in song? [...] Effigies lays bare the horrors of Nazism without ever representing them: no SS officers, no striped pyjamas, no salutes. We hear from the victims, not the perpetrators. - WhatsOnStage

See my previous post about Effigies to learn about my involvement with this brave, funny, vital show.

Isabel Adomakoh Young