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Brainchild Festival 2018 Goes With a Bang

Dawn over the site

Dawn over the site

If you didn't already know, I founded the now 6-year old festival Brainchild with some friends when we were 18. It's gone on to win awards, sell out year-on-year and build the most gorgeous community of artists, appreciators, activists and just good folks. The festival every year is the highlight of my summer and 2018, with over 2300 people attending, was no different.

With not much time to write - being in the middle of the Rep theatre course - I'll direct you towards Brainchild's website and socials to learn more and see the amazing documentation of the festival roll in. Next time, why not be there? Bring your art, see some or learn how to make some; come with friends or alone. It's a magical place.

Isabel Adomakoh Young