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International Women's Day Breakfast - TheirWorld

The campaign to break down barriers and get every girl into school was the theme of this inspiring event hosted by Theirworld today to mark International Women's Day.

Three amazing young women - who are members of Theirworld's network of Global Youth Ambassadors - shared their stories of overcoming the odds to fight for girls' education worldwide.

Shazia Ramzan, Kainat Riaz and Yara Eid were targeted simply for wanting to go to school and realise their potential. 

Shazia and Kainat were campaigning in Pakistan with their school friend Malala Yousafzai when all three were shot and injured on their school bus in 2012. Yara grew up in Gaza experiencing terrible attacks on her home and school. All three are now studying in the United Kingdom and campaigning for their own - and other young women’s - education. 

The event in London highlighted Theirworld's #WriteTheWrong campaign for the 260 million children out of school - and its focus on safe schools where children can learn free from fear and violence. It was hosted by Jamira Burley, Head of Youth Engagement and Skills at the Global Business Coalition for Education.

Jamira said: "Safe schools for all children are a right, not a privilege. We want the girls and women we stand with, and our many supporters around the globe, to unite and work together to break down these barriers to girls’ education."

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Isabel Adomakoh Young