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Provoked Wife Understudy Show

Myself and Alison Halstead

Myself and Alison Halstead

For each production, the RSC stages a version of the show where everyone plays their understudy parts, directed by the AD. I’m lucky enough to understudy on of the leads, Bellinda, and the singer in Lady Fancifull’s household, Pipe. This date had been a long time coming and even with scant rehearsal, it was everything we hoped. The audience was appreciative, the principal actors rallied round and smashed the set changes, servant roles etc, and I even managed not to fall off my swing!

This was a wonderfully special day and I’m so honoured to have been given the role. And the cherry on the cake is that I will be playing Bellinda in the main show on July 6th!

Isabel Adomakoh Young