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London and New Directions


Guess who’s back! The RSC season in Stratford has come to an end and I’ve returned to the loving arms of my home city. With that return comes some exciting new projects (watch this space) and some fresh adventures in a new field for me, fashion.

I’ve been invited to walk at LONDON QUEER FASHION WEEK and EDELINE LEE S/S 2020 Launch at London Fashion Week - info here.

Both are super exciting for me; I’m overjoyed to be part of all the proud Queerness of LWFS, celebrating ourselves when the world might not choose to, fucking with gender limitations and being visible. Edeline Lee, meanwhile, has chosen to queer the norm of fashion launches for the last few years by bringing people other than models to the stage, and platforming not just clothing but also the writing of thinkers like Renni Eddo-Lodge, Mary Beard etc. She is really passionate about exploring what a historically problematic and often misogynist industry can do to make positive change, and I look forward to bringing my skillset to that endeavour.

Me and Eloka Obi, who I trained with on NYT Rep

Me and Eloka Obi, who I trained with on NYT Rep

My first outing was to the h100 Awards at the h Club (Hospital Club as was), where I’d been nominated for an Under 30s Rising Star Award. It was a wonderful evening full of pride, hope and determination from across the creative industries. I was thrilled to see my Brainchild Festival co-founder Marina Blake there, nominated for her work in Music. I didn’t win (congrats to the brilliant Hussain Manwer) but I came away inspired; what more could anyone ask?!

See you on the streets of London!

Isabel Adomakoh Young