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Divine Proportions: Shotgun Carousel at Vaults
to Jan 12

Divine Proportions: Shotgun Carousel at Vaults

divine prop 2.jpg

Divine Proportions is a new, deliciously divine theatrical dinner cabaret from Shotgun Carousel, based on the story of Dionysus, God of Pleasure and Mischief. 

Erotically and provocatively blurring the lines between feast and fetish, Shotgun Carousel present an immersive dining experience of unrivalled sensuality, sexuality and thrilling hedonistic rituals.  

‘Five course banquet meets outrageous camp cabaret meets all night after-party’

Divine Proportions reimagines the story of the God (and sometimes Goddess) of theatre, dance and ritual ecstasy. Guests should prepare to be led on a journey into the heart of heaven and back through the depths of hell, by your mercurial host Dionysus, along with their cohort of cult priestesses; a cavorting band of circus sirens and party starters. 

Expect course after course of heavenly dishes, cocktails of milk and honey shared with masked merrymakers and magical creatures, sightings of satyrs and an after party in The Underworld. 

Tues-Sun weekly at The Vaults Waterloo | #BabyGotBacchus #DivineProportions

NB I’m not performing in this show but have contributed creatively as a member of Shotgun Carousel

Divine P8.jpg
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Consensual at Soho Theatre
to Nov 9

Consensual at Soho Theatre

One of 4 shows I'm in with the NYT Rep Company

As Head of Year 11 Diane is meant to be implementing the new ‘Healthy Relationships’ curriculum. But then Freddie arrives. She hasn’t seen him since that night six years earlier when he was fifteen.

She thinks he took advantage of her. He thinks she groomed him for months. Neither is sure. But when it comes to sex and consent, are there really any blurred lines?

The National Youth Theatre REP Company revives this explosive and thought-provoking critically acclaimed play by Evan Placey (Writers’ Guild Award winner) for the first time, dynamically directed again by Pia Furtado.

Evan Placey’s Consensual was commissioned by National Youth Theatre and premiered in 2015 at the Ambassadors Theatre in a NYT REP Company production directed by Pia Furtado.

The NYT cast give a storming, nuanced ensemble performance and the show is more than a match for the best of the West End. ★★★★
— Whats On Stage on the NYT REP’s 2015 production of Consensual
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Victoria's Knickers at Soho Theatre
to Nov 10

Victoria's Knickers at Soho Theatre

One of 4 productions I'm in with the NYT Rep Company

The night before her coronation, Princess Victoria is having a bath. Out of her chimney falls Edward ‘the boy’ Jones. Adored by the tabloids. Hated by the establishment. What follows is an epic and dirty royal love-story.

An Octoroon and Pomona director Ned Bennett and NYT alumnus Josh Azouz (Buggy Baby, BBC Drama Room 2018) explode the true story of the boy who broke into Buckingham Palace into a filthy comedy.

Was Boy Jones a lover, stalker, terrorist or all three? And how did he get hold of the Queen’s knickers?

Set against the backdrop of an uncertain England and with original songs from Chris Cookson, the award-wining NYT REP Company tell an irreverent tale of passion and violence with heart and wit.


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Macbeth at The Garrick Theatre (West End)
to Dec 9

Macbeth at The Garrick Theatre (West End)

One of 4 shows I'm in with the NYT Rep Company

I play Lady Macbeth in this new production

"False face must hide what the false heart doth know"
An insatiable lust for power brings a nation to its knees. 

The National Youth Theatre present a brand new gender fluid adaptation of Shakespeare’s sinister tale of greed, betrayal and revenge by NYT Alumna Moira Buffini (, Handbagged). 

Performed by the 2018 NYT REP Company, Natasha Nixon’s electric production explores the gender politics and human struggle which spark triumphant Macbeth’s infamous and catastrophic downfall. 

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Pecs: Sex Sex Men Men
9:00 PM21:00

Pecs: Sex Sex Men Men

Your fave boys Pecs Drag Kings have made some new work and are on at The Yard for one night only. ✨⭐️ 
Link for tickets: 

*I am not in this production due to the time commitment of NYT Rep.*


The clue is in the title.

It’s a show about desire.
About that smoulder in your eyes that makes us melt.
A show about the electricity when you brush hands,
press flesh,
bruise skin.
About power.
About exchanging tongues, breaths, moans.
About sensuality.
And the way we make you quiver with pleasure.
Arch your back.
And take you to the edge.

It’s a show about sex and it’s a show about men.

After a sell out production of The 80’s Show at Soho Theatre last year, the Drag Kings of Pecs are back, pushing your boundaries (and theirs), with an experimental show exploring sexuality and masculinity.

Stretching the cabaret form to its limits and redefining what’s sexy and what’s not, come and see this very live draft of a show people will definitely be talking about.

It’s about to get hot.

You’re welcome.

Contains nudity and sexual content

Supported by The Yard, Vogue Fabrics Dalston, Camden People’s Theatre and Arts Council England


pecs sex sex men men.jpg
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to Mar 26

Random Acts at ICA - See my film!

Earlier this year I shot Seven Stages - a short film about masculinity by multidisciplianry artist Dan Guthrie, produced by the Channel 4 and Arts Council England Random Acts partnership. It's being screened at the ICA.

Playback Festival 2018 brings together the work of over 300 emerging artists in one interactive exhibition of short experimental films, alongside five days of screenings, live spoken word performances, discussions and practical workshops. All entirely free to attend.

seven stages poster.jpg
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Secret Cinema - Blade Runner
to Jul 11

Secret Cinema - Blade Runner

For its tenth anniversary legendary immersive company Secret Cinema has built the world of the iconic film Blade Runner: The Final Cut - I'm in it, and that's about as much as I'm allowed to say! You can however read a roundup of reviews/ watch video HERE

Tickets HERE starting at £45.

The show runs until July 2018.

blade runner orig.jpg
bladerunner secret cinema 10.jpg
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to Feb 25

Fat Tuesday - London Mardi Gras Party 2018

23rd & 24th February - 10pm - 3am

as part of VAULT Festival 2018
at The Vaults, Waterloo, London

FAT TUESDAY is back!

It's February.
It’s dark.
It’s payday.
And performance collective SHOTGUN CAROUSEL throw a party like it’s Summer all year round.

For the fourth year running they return to VAULT Festival with their annual celebration of excess, FAT TUESDAY: London’s answer to global Mardi Gras festivities. Bringing together all the international sounds of the celebration, with the best of London’s live acts, the collective present their own take on the famous party and parades.

What to expect: Things to get wild, with giant brass sections, dancing on tables, magical decor, anything-goes costumes, impromptu parades and more to complete the Mardi Gras spectacle. Come as you are, Be ready to dance!

Shotgun Fat Tuesday poster 2018.jpg



Eight man trumpet behemoth from South East London taking the brass band genre in a new direction. Expect all original music with influences across the board from grime to grindcore.


Slow Mojo is the six-piece band that's bringing back the blues. Blues-influenced music, spanning genres as diverse as traditional 12-bar blues, rock 'n' roll, R&B, soul, funk, hip hop, to the rock of today and beyond. We tip our caps to the legends of yesteryear and play our blues style for the modern era.

Hosted by: 

Mardi Gras Cocktails // Face & Body Painting // Costume Stalls & Interactive party fun! 

Costume not obligatory by HUGELY ENCOURAGED!! 

Our events are friendly and welcoming spaces for LGBTQ and non-binary party people. 

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Kings of Colour Drag Show
8:00 PM20:00

Kings of Colour Drag Show

Event details to come via

After the phenomenal success of two sold out shows, the KOC INITIATIVE returns with another night of all POC Drag King Cabaret to kick your 2018 into colour!

The KOC Initiative was set up by Zayn Phallic to address the lack of diversity on the drag king scene. It’s aim is to celebrate and nourish POC performers by not only showcasing their talent in their own exclusive night, but by providing mentoring and support to new kings of colour keen to take to the stage.

Through Pay It Forward ticketing and fundraising to support new talent they're making the drag scene more accessible for those who want to explore kinging, as well as putting on one hell of a show!


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10:00 PM22:00

Bleeding Heart Ball - Shotgun Carousel

shotgun bleeding heart ball lg.jpg

At this dreary, dark and dreadfully romantic time of year, London’s underground creatures bring an ode to the lonesome, a call to the companionless, a song to the solitary sinner.

This will be a refuge for the unrequited lovers of London, aching over absent Valentine’s, we ask you however to not drown your sorrows in solitude but do so dancing, surrounded by the decadent and the damned.

Expect to hear the wildest folk and brass heavy bands along with Circus Sensations, Immersive Theatre, Interactive Set Pieces, Wicked walkabouts, roaming puppetry, menageries and masked revelers, costumes and characters, naughty nooks & secret lairs for absinthe fuelled hedonism. This is the Bleeding Heart Ball!

Room 1: The Pleasure Palace
Live Music / Tropical DJ's / Cabaret & Circus Performances / Immersive Characters

Room 2: Den of Iniquity
Confession Booth / Love Roulette / Sex Magic Tarot / Interactive Sensory Games / Massage Parlour / Story Telling & Roaming Illusionists

Room 3: Life Drawing Salon

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Doktor James' Bad Skemes at Vault Festival
to Feb 18

Doktor James' Bad Skemes at Vault Festival

The Vaults, Arch 233, 10 Leake Street, London SE1 7NN

17th + 18th February 2018 | 1.40pm | £9.50

I play scathing super-villain Doktor Jane in this brilliant show for kids - she appears via screen only and it'll be loads of fun!

Anarchic humour from the winner of the IYAF Brighton Fringe Stand-Up Comedy Award, James Bennison aka Doktor James. The comedian behind a "blast of a show" (Fest Mag), Edinburgh hit 'Akademy of Evil'. Spend a very silly hour of fast-paced fun, practising your most evil laugh in "an air of controlled chaos that works as well for adults as for kids" (Fest Mag).


Doktor James is sick of living at home and not being taken seriously as a supervillain. He is really, really bad and he just wants to beat his superhero brother and take over the world… Bad as in evil by the way, not bad as in rubbish. He definitely isn’t rubbish.

Well, maybe he is a bit rubbish… and with the arrival of a new Supervillain he needs to prove that he’s better at being evil than everybody else. Doktor James has therefore brought out all his best bad plans and now he just needs some really naughty children to help him get them working.

Are you naughty enough to take over the world? Are you secretly a genius with a lot of plans and inventions? Are you really good at dancing? If the answer to any of these questions is YES then Doktor James needs your help.

Prepare for an anarchic and very silly hour of deadly fun, perfect for 6 – 11 year olds who want to become more powerful, more naughty and more in charge of the entire world.

★★★★ (Fest).
‘Represents the best of the fringe’ (Primary Times).
James Bennison, winner of the IYAF Brighton Fringe Stand-Up Comedy Award.

doktor James Jane Timion.png
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Fourpure Corinthians Gig - £5
5:00 PM17:00

Fourpure Corinthians Gig - £5

"Join in our celebrations at one of the biggest brewery parties of the year!

We've got a lot to be happy about, but mainly we want to celebrate the successful installation of our new Craft Star brewhouse by unleashing the first lot of special, one-off beers brewed on our new, monstrous kit - all for your drinking pleasure. 

We'll be giving away merchandise, beers and other brewery goodies throughout the day and keeping your ears entertained and the drinking spirit alive with live music in the afternoon. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for announcements about live music, entertainment to get involved with, food trucks and of course, the highly anticipated beer list.

Tickets are available from £5 and include a Fourpure Brewhouse Warming commemorative glass, which we will fill up for you when you arrive (with beer of course). Upgrade to the 'full package' ticket and get an exclusive Fourpure Brewhouse Warming t-shirt as well as your glass and beer. Fancy a tour around our new brewery? You can sign up for these in advance for free or sign up at the bar on the day (if any spaces are left).

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How The Vote Was Won - Suffragettes at Bunker Theatre
to Feb 6

How The Vote Was Won - Suffragettes at Bunker Theatre


On 6 February 1918, the Representation of the People Act granted most women in Britain the vote. On the eve of the 100th anniversary, join actors and activists for a special night of drama and discussion.

Watch Cicely Hamilton’s razor-sharp comedy HOW THE VOTE WAS WON - one of the most celebrated suffrage plays - in a rare staged reading.

Discover the story of how suffragettes used plays and protest to radically change our society.

And meet some of the extraordinary artists and campaigners who are driving change in our own time, continuing and challenging the legacy of the suffrage movement.

Speakers include:
- REBECCA LENKIEWICZ, playwright whose suffragette drama Her Naked Skin was the first new play by a female writer to be produced on the National Theatre’s main stage
- ISABEL ADOMAKOH YOUNG, actor, author, drag king and campaigner for groups including 50:50 Parliament and Sisters Uncut
- SAM SMETHERS, CEO of the Fawcett Society

Tickets £12 (£10 concessions).
All proceeds from the event will be donated in support of women’s rights charities.

Dippermouth makes sharp, exciting theatre, and education programmes to engage and inspire.

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to Dec 10

Pecs: The 80s Show

Let's face it- 2017 was a drag.

So, your favourite Drag Kings are sending the year off in style and bringing you back to the future.

That's right, we're reviving our smash hit 80s cabaret show at Soho Theatre, bringing our beloved queer icons back to life and showing you our vision of the what's to come.

Hint: It's here, it's queer and it is fighting the power.

Packed with Power Suits, Prince Tribute Acts and New Romantic Pretty Boys: this show is sure to stick it to the man.

So don your most colourful gladrags, perm that hair, put in your shoulder pads & prepare to party the night away like a King.

4 - 9th December 2017, Soho Theatre Downstairs.

Tickets Here.

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