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Fourpure Corinthians Gig - £5

"Join in our celebrations at one of the biggest brewery parties of the year!

We've got a lot to be happy about, but mainly we want to celebrate the successful installation of our new Craft Star brewhouse by unleashing the first lot of special, one-off beers brewed on our new, monstrous kit - all for your drinking pleasure. 

We'll be giving away merchandise, beers and other brewery goodies throughout the day and keeping your ears entertained and the drinking spirit alive with live music in the afternoon. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for announcements about live music, entertainment to get involved with, food trucks and of course, the highly anticipated beer list.

Tickets are available from £5 and include a Fourpure Brewhouse Warming commemorative glass, which we will fill up for you when you arrive (with beer of course). Upgrade to the 'full package' ticket and get an exclusive Fourpure Brewhouse Warming t-shirt as well as your glass and beer. Fancy a tour around our new brewery? You can sign up for these in advance for free or sign up at the bar on the day (if any spaces are left).