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Fat Tuesday - London Mardi Gras Party 2018

23rd & 24th February - 10pm - 3am

as part of VAULT Festival 2018
at The Vaults, Waterloo, London

FAT TUESDAY is back!

It's February.
It’s dark.
It’s payday.
And performance collective SHOTGUN CAROUSEL throw a party like it’s Summer all year round.

For the fourth year running they return to VAULT Festival with their annual celebration of excess, FAT TUESDAY: London’s answer to global Mardi Gras festivities. Bringing together all the international sounds of the celebration, with the best of London’s live acts, the collective present their own take on the famous party and parades.

What to expect: Things to get wild, with giant brass sections, dancing on tables, magical decor, anything-goes costumes, impromptu parades and more to complete the Mardi Gras spectacle. Come as you are, Be ready to dance!

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Eight man trumpet behemoth from South East London taking the brass band genre in a new direction. Expect all original music with influences across the board from grime to grindcore.


Slow Mojo is the six-piece band that's bringing back the blues. Blues-influenced music, spanning genres as diverse as traditional 12-bar blues, rock 'n' roll, R&B, soul, funk, hip hop, to the rock of today and beyond. We tip our caps to the legends of yesteryear and play our blues style for the modern era.

Hosted by: 

Mardi Gras Cocktails // Face & Body Painting // Costume Stalls & Interactive party fun! 

Costume not obligatory by HUGELY ENCOURAGED!! 

Our events are friendly and welcoming spaces for LGBTQ and non-binary party people. 

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