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Her decline should be truly tragic, and to access that I’ve tried to delve deep into love, hope, disappointment. All the good stuff.
— in London Student
It makes me proud to think that young people who saw any one of the Rep shows would see black women excelling, delivering top quality work and owning the space. Especially Macbeth which they might see as inaccessible – I hope it’ll empower them to engage with Shakespeare and literature more broadly.
— in The British Blacklist
Potent brew of monstrous majesty and sexual twists
— Guardian
innovative, relevant and tragically delightful
— A Younger Theatre
A wildly eclectic fever dream... Isabel Adomakoh Young and Olivia Dowd bring real emotion, real intimacy to the central relationship.
— The Stage
Brilliant performances, lovely trusting of impulses and delicious storytelling
— Broadway World
The Rep company look completely at home on the stage of the Garrick Theatre [..] a fearless production
— Theatre News
It makes a virtue of its young, gifted and diverse cast ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
— Daily Express
A chilling and stylish production
— Review Donkey
Engaging, energetic and enthralling
— London Theatre 1
Maybe the best Macbeth I’ve ever seen
— Sardines Mag
It’s a story about ambition, and love, and what people will do to get something – there’s no reason why that shouldn’t be explored in a different way. In fact there’s every reason why it should be
— Felix Online, Macbeth and Lady M Interview
Skive off work for the afternoon to see the NYT’s Macbeth. You’ll not soon forget the lady butcher, nor the Weird Sisters of Gaga.
— London Student
NYT is on the frontline of things that take longer to trickle into more mainstream theatre institutions
— The Overtake Interview
Isabel Adomakoh Young